The Boy on the Bureau is Lon Blais’ one-man autobiographical “stage documentary” about his uneasy and unorthodox escape from his family’s dysfunction…. not easy being the favorite child and “white sheep of the family”. In a world where everyone hid from the truth, Lon made up his own .

In 2004, Lon retired very early from his other beloved career, teaching. After his wife’s extended illness and having been too busy, too poor, and too tired – with the encouragement of his wife, he set out on a quest –a bucket list with no end point. He bicycled across the country… twice, he got a tattoo, he hiked the Grand Canyon, he conducted a drum & bugle corps, he got a dog…

.… and then he wrote a play… in 12 days…. and then he workshopped it…. and it took off….

Lon’s friends who live across the country asked to have copies of the script sent to them because very likely they’d never see it performed.… then they demanded the play tour the country…. and January 15, 2017, Lon is heading off to drive around the country performing “The Boy on the Bureau”.

Come see the show… or find a space near you… and Lon will bring it to you.