I had the pleasure of being at the very first “preliminary” reading of THE BOY ON THE BUREAU last year, as well as the “official” first reading in January. I will also be there again this Saturday. I’ve felt honored to have had the opportunity to see the development of this project and HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! THE BOY ON THE BUREAU is hilarious, heartwarming and harrowing – a thought-provoking theatre piece that will stay with you long afterwards. Bravo Lon! Today you are a writer!

Susan M., actor

… an amazing odyssey through the life of a very large family, the labyrinth of dysfunction, and overcoming upbringing, merging the strengths and learning from the weaknesses. Lon Blais brilliantly brings life and color into a family that, as it appears, was black and white. The different types of love, anger, and forgiveness experienced by both parents and siblings – this only child had a brief glimpse into an incredible family.

Sad throughout and then delivers joy in Blais’ confidence to free himself of his creations and find happiness in the truth of the life he went on to build as a man. Truly beautiful. Moving and exposed my shaky realities and misperceptions at the same time.

Whatever Lon Blais does, he is a teacher. “The Boy on the Bureau” teaches too.. It is kind of “The Addams Family” meets the Walton with motorcycles. Make no mistake this family of nine siblings is unique. But anyone can find themselves and family members through the laughter, lies, and tears.

Melissa Rea, author of “Conjuring Casanova

….a fascinating exploration on one complicated family and their many versions of truth.